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Procurement Guidance Part 3a: Introduction to Formal Procurement  

Nutrition Services Division

Welcome to the California Department of Education (CDE) Nutrition Services Division (NSD) Procurement Guidance Part 3a: Introduction to Formal Procurement (course number 097) online training.

By completing this training, School Nutrition Program (SNP) operators will learn when you must use the formal procurement method, identify the four principles of procurement, recognize when to use the different types of formal procurement methods, and learn the five steps in the formal procurement process in California.
This training takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. All questions are required unless marked as optional. Please allow enough time to complete the training in one sitting. At the end of the training, you will be asked to complete a short evaluation. You will then have access to a printable certificate of completion for your records. Completion of this training is not recorded until you select Submit on the final screen.

Navigation options are available at the bottom of each screen. If you have technical difficulties or have questions about the content of the video, please contact the Procurement Resources Unit by email at For more information about the Introduction to Formal Procurement online training, please visit the CDE Procurement in Child Nutrition Programs (CNP) web page.

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If you viewed this training video as a group to close out a corrective action requirement for a procurement review, it is not necessary to print certificates of completion for each individual in the group. Print one certificate with the name of the lead procurement person, i.e., food service director, etc. who viewed the training video. A sign-in sheet that includes date, time, and title of training video and lists all names that participated in the group viewing is also required.
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