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Recommended Literature List: Prekindergarten through Grade Twelve Committee Application

Educator Excellence and Equity Division

Thank you for applying for the Recommended Literature List: Prekindergarten through Grade Twelve (Recommended Literature List) Committee. Participation in the Recommended Literature List Committee carries with it the obligation to participate in activities related to maintaining and updating the California Department of Education Recommended Literature List, including, but not limited to:

• Participating in a virtual orientation webinar and quarterly committee meetings

• Maintaining the Recommended Literature List, including title curation and updates to title information

• Working in a grade span committee to propose new titles for addition to the Recommended Literature List on an annual basis

• Staying informed on the latest published children's literature for the assigned grade span committee
The Recommended Literature List will be fully updated on an annual basis, with each grade span group responsible for recommending recently published titles that fulfill the mission of the Recommended Literature List, as detailed in the committee's collection guidelines. All meetings, as a full committee and within grade span groups, will be conducted virtually. There is no stipend for participating in this committee. Members are not expected to purchase and read all of the latest titles that have been published before recommending them; however, it is expected that members will use their professional expertise when recommending a title. This includes using public libraries to check out books, reading professional reviews, etc.
All fields in the application must be completed. You must adhere to the character limits for each of the fields. Responses that exceed the character limits will not be captured by the system and will not be reviewed.

If you have questions about this survey or the Recommended Literature List itself, please email the Literature List team at