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Universal PreKindergarten — Planning & Implementation Grant
Local Educational Agency Program Plan

Early Education Division

As a condition of receiving Universal PreKindergarten (UPK) Planning and Implementation Grant funds, California Education Code (EC) requires each local educational agency (LEA) to create a plan articulating how all children in the LEA attendance area will have access to full-day learning programs the year before kindergarten. The plan must address how programs will meet the needs of parents, and include a plan for leveraging partnerships with the LEA’s expanded learning offerings, the After-School Education and Safety Program (ASES), local California State Preschool Programs (CSPP), Head Start programs, and other community-based early learning and care programs (EC Section 8281.5).

Under state law, the plan must be developed for consideration by the LEA’s governing board or body at a public meeting on or before June 30, 2022, after which the LEA must provide data to the California Department of Education (CDE).
In December 2021, the CDE released the UPK Planning Template to: (1) offer planning questions for LEA consideration in developing comprehensive plans for UPK that meet community and family needs, and (2) outline the data that will be required for submission to the CDE to meet the requirements of EC Section 8281.5. The template includes recommended and required planning questions. Please use the UPK Planning Template to assist with answering questions in this survey.
The CDE is collecting answers to the required questions presented in the template through this survey. Please complete the UPK Plan template before filling out this survey. At the end of the required questions section, the CDE is requesting optional input on technical assistance needs as LEAs implement UPK. The purpose of this survey is to inform the CDE on UPK implementation planning, and to identify what additional support may be needed for LEAs and county offices of education (COEs) to support UPK implementation.

Aggregate data from this survey will be reported to the Legislature.
Instructions and Deadlines
All application fields are required for submission of the application unless otherwise noted as optional. The application is structured into the following sections: Section I: Local Educational Agency Information and Self Certification, Section II: Focus Area A: Vision and Coherence, Section III: Focus Area B: Community Engagement and Partnerships, Section IV: Focus Area C: Workforce Recruitment and Professional Learning, Section V: Focus Area D: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, Section VI: Focus Area E: Local Educational Agency Facilities, Services, and Operations, and Section VII: Technical Assistance Questions (optional).
If you do not intend to complete the survey in one session, you must select the Save Responses button located on the bottom of the screen. Once selected, you will be redirected to a new browser window to enter your email address. You will receive an email with a unique web address for entrance back into the survey. It is recommended that you save the application web address.

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